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Hi, I'm Iestyn Cavill - Owner and operator at CVL Detailing. It all started when I bought my first car. It was an old 2005 Silver Corsa SXI and although it was older I still wanted it to look the best it possibly could. That's when I started looking into detailing in more depth and started to learn about products on the market and best practices to make my old banger relive its glory days. When driving it I felt like I went from a fool in tin foil to a knight in shining armour. Cars have come and gone and I learned to love detailing more and more, friends and family started asking me to work on their cars and more learning was had until late 2020 when I decided I'm going to make a career out of this thing I have fallen in love with, I must say I'm pretty damn good at it too. So here we are, you are all caught up. Keep exploring the page and I hope we have a chat real soon!

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Valeting vs Detailing:
Whats the difference?

Detailing is about getting the absolute best look for your paintwork, interior and surfaces as well as protecting them for long term and daily driving! A clean or a valet is about making sure all surfaces are, well, clean – they don’t really take into account embedded dirt, swirl mark issues, or the fading of paint. Detailing delves much deeper than that, enabling you to get the look and feel of a new car without buying a new car. In our opinion, it’s the attention to detail that defines you as a ‘detailer’, fully covering every ‘detail’ of a car. No "hand car wash's" happening here!


Our Mobile Service

We are currently a mobile service only. This means we will bring our tools and equipment to you and conduct all the services at your home or place of stay. This means we can get on with the work while you can get on with your life. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us and we will do the rest. Although we do have all our own tools, equipment and supplies, we will need access to an outside water outlet and somewhere to connect our extension cable.

Further Info:

To arrange a booking of any kind please do get in touch via Facebook, Email, Whats app/Message or Phone call. If you visit the contact page you will find all of our contact info, response is usually made within a few hours of contact. If you're after 'product advice' or detailing advice in general, then please message me on Instagram. I am currently the sole operator of the business so bookings do fill up quickly but I will always do my best to get you booked as soon as possible.


Quality is key!

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services. In order to do this we know we need to use respected and premium car detailing supplies as well as have the experience and knowledge in using them. We wouldn't use poor quality chemicals or products on our own vehicles which means there is no chance that we would use them on our customers vehicles! A few brands that you will see in our arsenal of supplies are AutoFinesse, AutoGlym, Gtechniq, Menzerna & More!

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