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Eligibility Requirements:

Must purchase a Full Valet, Stage 1, Stage 2 or Ceramic Coating at maximum 1 month before Maintenance Plan starts.

At minimum 1 maintenance booking per month.

Contact will be made on the 1st of each month to confirm your selected date/time for your appointment.

No Contract. Cancel at anytime but if a month is missed you will have to restart the plan with a Full Valet and paint inspection.



Full Process - EXTERIOR

Wheel arches cleaned and flushed. Tyre faces deep cleaned & dressed to rejuvenate the rubber, prevent fading and leave a finished look.

Alloy faces, inner barrel and spokes cleaned with a dedicated wheel cleaner & iron fallout remover.​

Bodywork pre rinsed and safely pre washed using a PH Neutral pre wash to loosen dirt before contact & rinsed.

Rubber window seals, crevices, grills and emblems cleaned with soft detailing brush.

Premium PH Neutral shampoo contact wash with a luxury wash mitt and the 2 bucket, grit guarded method to protect against swirling or scratches.

Bodywork Dried with a plush microfibre towel, car blow dryer and drying aid.​

Exhaust tips cleaned.

Free Wax Sealant Application every month (Normally £20)


Full Process - INTERIOR

Every interior surface and all fans thoroughly dusted with a soft detailing brush, interior safe APC and soft microfibre cloths.

All carpets and upholstery thoroughly vacuumed including under the seats, the boot & spare wheel storage. 

All interior glass & mirrors cleaned to a streak free finish to ensure maximum clarity.

The Centre console, steering wheel, dials cleaned and any other cubby spaces cleaned.

Pedals cleaned and dried.

We then use Auto Finesse Spritz UV water based finish detailer & protectant spray and apply this to the dashboard and plastics to leave a natural protected finish (not shiny and sticky)

Door shuts and sills cleaned & dried.

Air freshener applied.

£65 - 3hours Once a month minimum



FREE Wax Sealant Paste applied every month (Normally £20)

10% discount Stage 1 Detail

10% discount Stage 2 Detail 

Priority for bookings

If you need any extra services, such as steam clean or a seat shampoo, please let me know before the appointment and we will be happy to assist. We will let you know any additional costs for extra services upon contact. Discounts and extras will only be available after the first 3 months of being on the plan.

Please Note: Any Mould, Bodily Fluids or other health hazards will incur an extra charge. This charge will be agreed upon before the service takes place in order to cause no confusion. Please make us aware of any hazards upon booking so we can discuss the matter. Thank You.

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