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Full Process 

Engine bay air blowed to remove any deeper debris that has been lodged down. Leaves and debris removed from around trim.

Underside bonnet and fabric guard gently cleaned.

All painted edges of the engine bay gently cleaned with a diluted APC and soft detailing brush.​

Deep clean of all plastics casings, tubes/ piping and other visible components using a variety of cloths, brushes, an APC degreaser and a steam cleaner.

All plastics, rubbers and pipes dressed with an AutoGlym trim dressing to leave a clean almost new like finish. Surround what is the bit beneath the windscreen called

Cowl panel dressed with Autoglym trim dressing and surrounding paintwork edges finished with a gloss enhancer to boost the colour depth.

PLEASE NOTE : We DO NOT jet wash or snow foam the engine bay. Whilst working we cover any electrical components with plastic as well as covering the belts and alternator to avoid any steam, APC solution or water getting in there. The price below refers to an engine bay that is just dirty. If there has been any leaks from oil or other liquids, there will be an added charge due to more time, product and work needed to clean the leak up.

FROM £90 - 3 Hours

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Full Process 

Bonnet lifted and headlights cleaned to remove any loose dirt.

Headlights masking taped off including surrounding areas to make sure the area is safe to work on without the paintwork being at risk.

Depending on condition, we start our wet-sanding process​​ from 800-1200-1500-2000-3000-5000 grit to remove any oxidation, milkiness, hazing and yellowing. 

Once wet-sanded to satisfaction, we then use a cutting compound, polish and refining solution on 3 different type pads to ensure maximum clarity.

Panel prep is applied to remove any remaining oils from the polish leaving the headlights super clean and ready for protection.

We then apply a ceramic coating to the headlights to protect them from UV damage. 


FROM £90 A Pair

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photo-output (1).heic
photo-output (1).heic

Full Process 

Clean the area thoroughly and start to heat the badge with a heat gun whilst keeping our hand on the paint to ensure the paintwork doesn't get too hot.

We use thin fishing wire and slide it in behind the badge with a sawing motion to slice the bond between the glue and the badge.

Once the badge has been removed, we work on removing the remaining glue from the paintwork.

To finish, we machine polish the area to remove any ghosting left from the badge to bring the paintwork to a nice perfect shine.

photo-output (1).heic

FROM £50 Per Badge

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Key Features

✓ Helps to keep your leather clean and in good condition

✓ Adds UV Protection

✓ Guards against dye transfer

✓ Does not alter the look or feel of the leather

✓ Helps prevent fading

✓ Helps prevent abrasion damage

​​​​​​Please note:


Surfaces need to be completely dry after deep cleaned before application. 

Once applied the coating will need up to 1 hours to dry and be fully protected.

Prices are based on vehicle size, coverage & location (e.g seats, dashboard, trim, etc) . 5 leather seats will start at £50. 

Full Interior Coverage From £100

5 Seats From  £50

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Full Process 

Distanced low pressure wash on the soft top to rinse and remove any loose debris.

Fabric diluted APC applied onto the soft top and allowed to soak for a few minutes before agitation with a soft bristled fabric safe detailing brush.

All seems and lips agitated to make sure there is no dirt hidden in crevices.

Another distanced low pressured rinse to remove any cleaning solution remaining on the soft top. 

Process repeated if needed for extra cleaning power. Excess water removed from soft top via our water extracting machine.

Once fully dried, Gtechniq fabric protection will be applied to the soft top to protect against daily weathering, rain and UV damage.


Why Use Gtechniq Smart Fabric AB?

Smart Fabric AB protects all kinds of fabrics from water-based stains, treated surfaces will kill 99% of bacteria, mould and mildew and due to it's nano technology, it is extremely breathable and coats each fibre individually leaving the texture unaffected. 

Up to 12 months durability depending on wear.

FROM £125

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