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Wheel arches deep cleaned, scrubbed and flushed.

Tyre faces deep cleaned & dressed with a high performance tyre gel to rejuvenate the rubber, prevent fading and leave a finished look.

Alloy faces, inner barrel and spokes cleaned with a dedicated wheel cleaner & iron fallout remover.​

Lug nuts and callipers cleaned with a soft detailing brush and wheel cleaner.

Pressured rinse to remove any debris and loose dirt.

PH neutral Snow foam pre wash applied and allowed to soak on the vehicle to loosen any dirt, then pressured rinsed.

All crevices, grills, badges, emblems and window rubbers cleaned with a dedicated soft detailing brush and cleaning solution to remove lodged dirt.

Contact wash using a PH neutral premium shampoo, 2 buckets with grit guards & a luxury soft mitt to ensure no swirls or scratches, then pressured rinsed.

Door shuts cleaned and dried.

Chemical decontamination process: Road tar remover applied. Iron fallout remover applied to cleanse the paintwork.

Paintwork manually decontaminated using a clay bar to remove any remaining contaminants and leave the paintwork clean and slick before polishing.

Final pressured rinse then dry with a luxurious microfibre drying towel and air blower to remove trapped water from crevices, badges and grills



A hybrid cutting and polishing compound (Menzerna Cut400) is applied to every section of the paintwork via a variety of sized, Dual Action Machine Polishers to reduce swirls, haziness and enhance the gloss of the paintwork.​ Our goal is to achieve up to at least a 75% increase in paintwork clarity and imperfection reduction.

Door pillars and headlights are also lightly polished to remove any haziness or light swirling.

Exterior Plastics and Trims dressed and protected against UV damage and "greying"  to leave a natural rejuvenated finish.

Chrome exhaust tips polished.

a paintwork prep degreaser is applied to the paint to remove any remaining oils from the compound, leaving the paintwork ready for a wax sealant / spray ceramic application.

Wax fused sealant / ceramic spray applied for up to 6 months UV Protection and weathering protection whilst creating a super slick and glossy finish! (Top ups included in monthly plans) 

All Compound, Polish and Refining solutions have no fillers, waxes, silicone or glazes in them. This means that any corrections that happen are permanent corrections and not just fillers that will be removed over time. 

Our custom car care guide will be offered upon completion to help assist you in maintaining your paintwork finish if you wanted to complete it yourself in the future.

FROM £300 - 2 Days



Please note that the Upgraded Protection price includes our Single Stage Machine Polish 


GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light Ceramic Coating

 When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls, contaminant and dirt repellence, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is the pinnacle in paint protection. With a chemical bond CSL forms a hardened protective coat on top of your existing paintwork. With a durability of 3-5 years and the cure time being 12-24 hours, this coating is incomparable to others on the market and one that we swear by!

Rated 3-5 years durability 

Swirl, light scratches and chemical resistant

Chemical bond allowing for a greater strength and durability

Exceptional glass like reflections

Provides slick finish for easier cleaning 

FROM £550 - 3 Days

If you're looking for a regular (Monthly/ Bi-weekly) maintenance once your paintwork has been serviced, please see our "Monthly Plans". Keep your vehicle looking fresh all year round, save money each month & get a few freebees and discounts on our detailing services.

Please Note: A 20% deposit is required for all bookings. This deposit is to secure the appointment and is non-refundable. Alternatively, if you needed a last minute reschedule (within 5 days before) we are more than happy to accommodate this as long as it's within 14 days of the original date. (1 reschedule).


Soft Top Protection - £75

Full Interior Valet - £100

Gtechniq Leather Guard Protection - from £75

Gtechniq Smart Fabric Interior Protection - from £100

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